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Back to spec and better

Posted: 1027 days ago

After being frustrated by local knife sharpening services I emailed Global to get my knife factory sharpened and they don't provide that service so I researched and found the Sharp Knife online. Sent in my Global chefs knife to get it back to factory spec after having a local knife guy sharpen it to a western 20 degree angle. Phil got my knife back to its former beauty and sharpness and correct Japanese angle. It flies thru the paper slice test and is a joy to use again.. it's been so long since the knife was a pleasure I was ready to toss it. Thank you so much!
I also sent it a Ken Onion paring knife that I was frustrated with. I don't know if I'm imagining it but it seems better than it ever was.
I had some follow up questions and my email was answered thoroughly and quickly. It's not cheap to mail knives for sharpening but it's absolutely worth it to send to the Sharp-knife. You won't be wasting your money. Highly recommended

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