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Wonderful and quick service on my serrated knives

Posted: 807 days ago

I had some very old, very dull Henckel knives that were sitting useless in my knife block for years from when we didn't know how to care for good knives properly. When I looked up the manufacturer, I discovered that they would only take straight-edged knives for sharpening. So, I packaged them up and shipped them off. After that, I searched online for a place that would sharpen serrated blades. That is how I found Phil at The Sharp Knife. I had a question regarding how he approached sharpening the serrations, and he promptly replied back. He was very personable and was a pleasure to email back and forth with. We shipped out the knives on a Wednesday morning as we were leaving on vacation, and the knives were waiting for us when we returned on the following Monday! They are nice and sharp and I cannot wait to use them! Phil notified me when they were received and when they were shipped back. As for the straight-edge Henckels that I sent to the Henckel company, I have yet to receive a notification that they have even received them and I sent them the day before. Needless to say, I will have Phil sharpen all of my knives from now on!

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